How It Works


  1. We ethically source premium single-origin coffee from all over the world.
  2. You select a one-time or rotating shipment offering.
  3. We roast and ship your order. For rotating shipments, we schedule out future orders for roasting just before shipment. 
  4. Your order will arrive 5-7 days after it’s placed, and subscriptions will continue to arrive thereafter on the cadence you’ve selected (weekly, every other week, or monthly). 
  5. You enjoy some of the freshest coffee you can buy.
  6. And… repeat!

Our Process

At throughline coffee co., our goal is to get you the freshest, highest quality coffee possible, in the most convenient way possible. Our proprietary process was designed to do just that!

We’ll walk you through step-by-step here, but all you really need to know is that once you place your order, you’ll be enjoying some of the freshest, highest quality coffee around in no time.

Single-Origin Coffee

It all starts with the beans. Our beans are ethically sourced directly from small farmers and co-ops in the best coffee growing regions in the world. You can see specific details on where each variety is sourced in our product catalog. Our coffee is always specialty grade, which means it meets industry harvesting, processing, and tasting criteria for high quality coffee.

The beauty of single-origin coffee is that you taste all the nuances from the soil, altitude, and variety associated with the specific region where that particular coffee was grown. Our roasters then curate the roasting technique for each variety. The result is superior quality and flavor, and a much different (better) experience than what you get from larger coffee brands.

Roast-to-Order Subscriptions

So, we’ve established the quality of our raw materials. Now, on to the freshness. This is a major difference between throughline coffee and grocery store coffee. When you order from throughline, you will be enjoying your coffee within days of roasting. Because of the complex supply chains, inventory logistics, and sell-through trends inherent in the grocery business, your coffee is likely weeks, if not months old when you purchase it from the grocery store.

At throughline, we have a roast-to-order fulfillment system. This means that your coffee doesn’t hit the roaster until after you place your order, and arrives at your doorstep within 5 days of being roasted. If you order a bundle or subscription offering, our system automatically schedules your order to roast just before shipping. With our Expat, Traveler, and Passenger offerings, you get a rotating shipment of coffees from different regions, all freshly roasted and shipped to you weekly, every other week, or once a month.

The freshness of our coffee makes all the difference - but don’t take our word for it – smell your coffee as soon as you open it (or smell your mailbox when it’s delivered, for that matter) – the fresh coffee aroma will be noticeable. This is the telltale sign of freshness that fades as time passes from the roasting date. You’ll smell the difference, and you’ll taste the difference. You would never buy stale bread or old produce, why settle for stale coffee?

Seamless Experience

We are a small company, and every customer matters to us. We are obsessed with making sure that you love our service – your happiness is our success.  We’ve done our best to design a simple process that delivers a superior product in a seamless way. In the event that you have any questions/comments/feedback/suggestions, we are all ears. We’d love to chat and hear what you think, so please, drop us a line anytime!